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The NT384 provides a space saving solution for multiple ISDN NT1 devices. It combines the function of three NT1s in a single, compact device which is enclosed in a durable plastic housing appropriate for desktop or wall-mount use. It is perfectly suitable for 384Kbps ISDN Video Conference devices to connect with the Central Office.


  NT384 Specification Sheet 

NT384 User's Manual 

Key Benefits

        Three ISDN NT1s in a box

        Perfect for 384 Kbps Videoconference application

        Wall-mountable or Desk-stackable

        Compatible with 2B1Q basic rate services and standard ISDN terminals  

        Three ISDN U-Interface ports conforming to ANSI T1.601-1992  

        Six ISDN ST-Interface ports conforming to ANSI T1.605-1991  

        U-Interface lightning protection  

        Automatic over-current protection.


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