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The NT512 provides a space saving solution for multiple ISDN NT1 devices. It combines the function of four NT1s in a single, compact device which is enclosed in a durable plastic housing appropriate for desktop or wall-mount use. It is perfectly suitable for 512 Kbps ISDN Video Conference devices to connect with the Central Office. 
  NT512 Specification Sheet 

NT512 User's Manual 

Key Benefits

        Four ISDN NT1s in a box

        Perfect for 512 Kbps Videoconference application

        Wall-mountable or Desk-stackable

        Compatible with 2B1Q basic rate services and standard ISDN terminals

        Four ISDN U-Interface ports conforming to ANSI T1.601-1992

        Eight ISDN ST-Interface ports conforming to ANSI T1.605-1991

        U-Interface lightning protection

        Automatic over-current protection.


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